Episode 60: Big Kids Book Club Author Interview: Louie Stowell

Hey hey hey!

Welcome back to this week’s Author Interview.

In this episode, Louie Stowell, author of the Dragon in the Library series and new book Otherland, joins me on the show.

Louie and I chatted about how Otherland started life over 20 years ago, how making friends in real life made her protagonist believable on the pages and the inspiration found in a dissenters graveyard.

Louie was a great guest to have on the show and we are very grateful she was able to join us on the show.



If you want to be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of Otherland, then head over to Twitter and follow @BigKidsBookClub.
Send us a tweet using the hashtag #OtherlandComp and tell us who’d you’d rescue from Otherland!

(UK residents only)

The competition closes midnight on 4th June

Free short story – Unicorn in the Cemetary – https://louiestowell.com/

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