Hot off the Presses!

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back to the Big Kids Book Club.

Each week, hundreds of books come hot off the press for readers to enjoy. Here we’re highlighting one of those book which we think you should be checking out!

Book: Shadow Chaser: Choose your own story

Publisher: Usbourne Publishing

Pages: 288

Release Date:  08/07/2021

This magically illustrated gamebook plunges you into a story with a difference – one where the hero is YOU.

Woken one night by a bang at the door, you creep to the window and see five hooded strangers below. The leader looks up and beckons you down. What do you do?

Open the door, play for time, or escape through the window out back? The choice is yours…

From this point onwards you are in control of an epic adventure, and your survival depends upon the decisions you make. Who to fight? Who to trust?

In a book where nothing is as it seems, even the pictures hold secrets that must be unlocked. But as you race across land, sea and sky, one thing becomes clear: it’s not just your fate that hangs in the balance – it’s the fate of the entire kingdom.

Bringing together a sweeping story, beautifully illustrated picture puzzles and an exciting combat system, this is an adventure that will have you gripped from beginning to end.

You can pick it up the book from or check out your local bookshop.

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