Tuesday TBR Teasers

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back to the Big Kids Book Club.

It’s Tuesday, so what should we talk about today? How about new books!

Each week we look at a book that’s either just been released or soon to be hitting shelves, but either way they should be on your wish lists!

This week: Landfill Mountains by Rab Ferguson

Publisher: Onwe Press

Pages: 384

Release Date:   14/09/2021

In a world ravaged by the effects of climate change, sixteen-year-old Joe has been left with nothing but mountains full of junk and a community of fellow scavengers.

Conditions become so harsh on the landfill mountains that he must travel to the faraway city in search of a cure for Lily, a six-year-old left deathly ill from an avalanche of waste.

On the way, he discovers a hidden world brimming with storytelling magic.

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