Mid-Week Review: The Landfill Mountains

This week’s episode features:


Landfill Mountains by Rab Ferguson

Publisher: Onwe Press

Age Range: 12+

Genre(s): Young Adult, Post-Apocalypse

Page Count: 384

Star Rating:  5⭐ (out of 5)

A beautiful book written with care and passion for the underlying subject.

At the surface what you think you have is a simple Post-Apocalyptic YA, but hidden beneath that surface – like the mountains of scrap the characters live between – is a story of yearning, growth, and self discovery.

Joe’s world is small, stinking, and dying – he wishes for the freedom to explore the world outside of his village lost among the mountains of landfill. His life is quiet but discontented, as scavenging among the deadly shifting mounds of trash leaves him longing to find out how they came to be here.

His father and grandfather tell stories of the past – his grandfather is a font of tales that regale and beautifully build the world, not only for Joe, but also for the reader – yet Joe holds a resentment towards his father for his inaction at the end of the old-world.

The City is close, and yet so far away and Joe wants nothing but investigate the roots of his past and possibly find a future within the ruins for himself and Sonya, his partner.

A powerful story about climate change, inactivity, and the deadly foreshadowing of a world doomed to destruction, although not without hope.

A 5 star debut from a promising new author.

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