Wait… is that new?

Hey hey hey!

How’s it going Big Kids Book Club fans? Now, no doubt the eagled eyed among you might realise that somethings have changed around here at the BKBC HQ?

Well, since the last few months and 2022 in particular, the podcast has bumped up a notch in terms of viewership, followers, and our partnerships with publishers meaning that it was time to turn this little side hustle into a full blown thing!!!

Additionally, my amazing friend, Emma, is picking up a lot more solo interviews and effectively has become the podcast’s full official co-host, as well as TikToker extraordinaire…

Yes. I did just say TikTok… We’re on TikTok peeps!

Check us out: https://www.tiktok.com/@bigkidsbookclubpodcast

So, this whole upscaling of the podcast has meant that we’re making more content for you to enjoy, as well a slick brand new look for the website, podcast, and all our social media; including this beautiful brand, spanking new logo!

Isn’t it beautiful?

We think so 😊

But it’s super exciting for what’s coming up for the podcast. We’re looking at more ways to engage with more authors, fans, bloggers, and other industry reps.

We’ll also be looking at how we can do more for the listeners, and we’ll have more information coming very, very, very soon about some very exciting ideas and opportunities 😆

We’ll be updating all our social media over the next few weeks, so anything currently not updated will be, and we’ll be putting out a load more content which we’d love to have your feedback on.

I’ll finish here with a very cute photo of myself, Emma, and friend of the show Rab at the recent NYALitFest up in Preston at the University of Central Lancashire, with the amazing publishers UCLan Publishing. An amazing weekend we’ll always remember.

But that’s all for this weekend – have a great one. Don’t forget to check out our bookshop, where you can support us and help us grow. Additionally, if you’re not already, follow us on Twitter and TikTok.

But until next time…

Take Care, Stay Safe, But most importantly, Keep on Reading.

2 thoughts on “Wait… is that new?

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