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Mid-Week Review: The Landfill Mountains

This week’s episode features: —————————————– Landfill Mountains by Rab Ferguson Publisher: Onwe Press Age Range: 12+ Genre(s): Young Adult, Post-Apocalypse Page Count: 384 Star Rating:  5⭐ (out of 5) A beautiful book written with care and passion for the underlying subject. At the surface what you think you have is a simple Post-Apocalyptic YA, but hiddenContinue reading “Mid-Week Review: The Landfill Mountains”

Tuesday TBR Teasers

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back to the Big Kids Book Club. It’s Tuesday, so what should we talk about today? How about new books! Each week we look at a book that’s either just been released or soon to be hitting shelves, but either way they should be on your wish lists! This week: LandfillContinue reading “Tuesday TBR Teasers”

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