Thursday TBR Teaser

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back to the Big Kids Book Club. It’s Thursday, so what should we talk about today? How about new books! Today we look at a book that’s either just been released or soon to be hitting shelves, but either way, they should be on your wish lists! Today’s book: All Four Quarters of the Moon by Shirley Marr Publisher: Usborne Books Pages: 336 Release Date: 05/01/2023 Everything so far, if Peijing had to sum it up, was a string of small awkward experiences that she hoped would end soon. The night of the Mid-Autumn festival, making mooncakes with Ah-Ma, was the last time Peijing remembers her life being the same. Now facing a new home, a new school and a new language, everything is different. Peijing thinks everything is going to turn out okay as long as they all have each other. But cracks are starting to appear in the family. Biju, lovable but annoying, needs Peijing to be the dependable big sister. Ah-Ma keeps forgetting who she is; and Ma Ma and Ba Ba are no longer themselves. Peijing has no idea how she’s supposed to cope with the uncertainties of her own world while shouldering the burden of everyone else. If her family are the four quarters of the mooncake, where does she even fit in? A big-hearted, magical story about sisterhood and a family finding their way in a new place.

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